Guests at Hal and Donna's Boat Haven


Glenn Bell

Christie & Gil

Chuck, Shari & Donna

Lance & Sandy 
Rented Hal & Donna's Boat Haven May 2015 Lance & Sandi caught 35 to 40 Black Bass right near our waterfront home.

 A photo of Shannon Bulleri and her friends during their stay at Hal & Donna's Boat Haven May 2015

The Rodriguez family fishing off of our boat dock. 
Flower Rodriguez has rented our place two years in a row. 
Her grandson caught a large black bass in 2014 and he caught this good size Catfish in 2015. 


Lance Gillette
Rented Hal & Donna's Boat Haven May 2015 Lance & Sandi caught 35 to 40 Black Bass right near our waterfront home.


Roxanne, John and the Garcia Family


Mark  Bicha Family

Patty Nazareno


Jayden Ho 

Gavin Ho 

Recent guests Mr. and Mrs. Dao Ho and their boys Jayden and Gavin

Lance Gillette

Oil painting of Ted Kennedy "At The Helm" 
by Lake County Artist/Photographer Ron Keas

To all of our Boat Haven guest, We would like to introduce you to our dear friend Ron Keas of Lucerne, Ca. Ron is a famous Artist/Photographer & Musician who has become our friend and webmaster, when he offered to build our website using his gorgeous photos. Please take some time to scroll down our website pages where you will find his fabulous Art Work's!  Ron is well known for his ability to  paint celebrities such as, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, and Clint Eastwood to name a few! You will find his photos and paintings on our website by scrolling down  our pages. You will also see many of Ron Keas's  photos of Lake County where he has been  awarded the prestigious "STARS OF THE LAKE AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE" 

Getting back to Ron's special talents. He has the distinction of painting more photos of our President Barack Obama then any other known Artist photographer in the world! He was so proud to receive a message from Barack Obama thanking him for his works of art!  Ron is currently showing his paintings of Hillary R. Clinton. Don't miss exploring Ron's website. I know you will be amazed with his many talents!

Respectfully your's

Hal Hester

 Pictured above is  is a photo of  one of Ron's oil paintings.   It depicts Ted Kennedy sailing away from the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port. Read about the painting. - CLICK HERE.

You can see more oil paintings by Ron Keas.-  CLICK HERE

Lake County photography of beautiful Lake County by Ron Keas - CLICK HERE.

Email Ron Keas



Contact Hal Hester by phone at-   415-272-4279

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